Brainwash FAQ

Will you open an online store on your website soon?
Yes, absolutely! We are currently working hard & as fast as we can to upload inventory into the online shop and we will be launching the online Brainwash Thrift store in October 2021 :)
What are your shop hours?
We are open Weds & Thursdays 12pm - 6pm, and Friday & Saturday 11am - 7pm. We are closed Sunday-Tuesday.
Where can I learn about your upcoming events?
We update our Instagram daily @brainwashthrift with info on all our upcoming events and promotions! Follow us! We like new friends!
Does BRAINWASH THRIFT take donations?
Yes, we do!! We travel for inventory to ensure we are always stocked up and size-inclusive in our inventory. It is our promise to always have plus-sized clothing that is CUTE and affordable. This is a large cost for us, so donations allow us to to keep our pricing accessible and affordable :) We also love to give back to the community by offering Dollar Days sidewalk sales, and Brown Bag sales where you can fill a huge paper bag to the top for only $25. We accept donations any time during store hours.
Does BRAINWASH THRIFT buy clothing?
At this time we do not offer any buy/sell/trade services since as mentioned above, we rely on donations to keep our pricing affordable. We may incorporate a buying service in the future.
Where does BWT get their inventory?
We get our inventory from all kinds of places, some donations, and the owner Kiki travels for inventory to “last-chance” facilities to pick and purchase items that otherwise go to the landfill! We also source some items from vintage/second-hand wholesalers. 
What happens to items BWT cannot sell?
We donate a lot of our clothing that doesn’t sell to local non-profits and mutual aid groups! Much of our clothing is also up-cycled to bring them into the new millennia and give them a second life to help curb textile waste.
Is BWT a for-profit business?
Yes, we are! But we also make sure to give back as much as we can to the community and do a profit share and donation drives with many local makers, artists, non-profits, mutual aid groups, etc.
What does BWT do with the profit from clothing donations?
We as a company try our best to give back as much as we receive. We work with and have worked alongside local non-profits and organizations such and Cooperation Humboldt, AHHA, Queer Humboldt, Arcata Mutual Aid, LOUD, Justice for Josiah, and many other organizations within Humboldt to provide help with food/clothing drives, fundraising, and whatever else we can contribute! We work with Queer Humboldt to provide affordable mental health care to our employees, we pay a living wage to our employees and also try to offer as much support and understanding for each of our personal/emotional/financial needs as possible. We strive to do more and to create a safe and equitable space for our QBIPOC community, and for the greater Humboldt community too! Throughout the summer we host events and offer free tabling opportunities to NP/MA orgs and any for-profit tabling fees are given directly to the performing acts. We also are a monthly subscriber to Black Humboldt’s Patreon, and members of the NAACP, also monthly patrons, and we contribute monthly to Critical Resistance (an organization co-founded by Angela Davis in a fight against the prison industrial complex). You can learn more about the non-profits we support on our Brainwash Values page.
We actively work to support and fundraise for BIPOC organizations locally and beyond. We offer part of our shop space to local makers and artists who get paid on a consignment basis. Where consignment standards are usually a 40% - 60% split, we offer 20/80 and the artists keeps 80% of the profit. As our company grows, we will be endlessly coming up with creative ways to offer fun events and fundraising opportunities to local NPs and mutual aid groups.
Are you hiring? Do you take volunteers?
We are a small family-run business and at the moment cannot afford to hire employees. And since we are a for-profit business, we do not accept volunteer services BUT we will be launching a mentorship program in the new year for folks to learn the ropes of starting/operating a business, marketing workshops, and more.
When's the next event?
With COVID cases running at an all-time high, our events will be on hiatus until further notice. We are now offering private events for singles or small groups and you can find more info about that on our Events Calendar page :)